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at the end of the day, relationships are what make a design project successful.

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Aveen Irwin

Aveen Irwin

junior designer/project manager

Meghan Conlon

junior designer/project manager

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Sara Lombardi headshot

Sara Lombardi

Design Assistant

Ava Blankman

Office Manager

I built a custom home in Nantucket this past year and wanted to hire a designer who had the expertise and good taste to advise me on my project, someone who could embrace the vision I had for creating a Malibu beach vibe in a Nantucket home, and who could add her personal flare to the project…Nina and her team embraced all of my ideas and helped to find the items that created the look and feel I was focused on. They were extremely organized and able to create stunning rooms which are casual yet full of luxury. Nina advised me on the build and design features of the house and completely handled the decorating piece. I have been beyond thrilled with the results of their work, and have already spoken to them about hiring them for another project…
Wendy Horn